Our Philosophy

Alchemy is the ancient science and art of creating positive change – meaningful transformation.  The term was traditionally used to refer to the spiritual practices of the first chemists from ancient cultures around the world.  Early alchemists sought enlightenment by trying to unify mortal existences and the purity of the heavens. Our modern alchemy promotes our innate ability to live in a positive and healthy way, changing the chemistry in the mind and body, enabling us to thrive in our everyday lives.  Practical Alchemy became known as Chemistry and included seeking to turn base metals (such as lead) into gold.  This was a metaphor for cleansing the soul, promoting spiritual perfection. Spiritual Alchemy is a form of mysticism and self-improvement, focusing on chemical analogies. It is said that the key to alchemy lies within!  Hundreds of years ago, there was no separation between spiritual and physical practices.  Over the last century-or-so, Western medicine drew a duality between the two.

Neuroscience and modern medicine is proving the interconnectedness of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing! 

Our Organic Apothecary

The Alchemy Hypnotherapy Apothecary map mirrors the structure of your mind. It offers you solutions, choices and portals to discover more about yourself, how your brain works and the infinite and exciting potentials it can manifest.  As you enter, carefully-structured layers of information will be revealed helping you to find the key that unlocks your chosen future.

Whether you work one-to-one with us at our clinic in Penarth or by Skype / Zoom online; whether you enrol on one of our online healing courses or buy transformational products from our Shop, you will learn to Be Your Own Alchemist.

Alchemy Hypnotherapy is Natural Brain Chemistry Creating Positive Change!



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This is a place where you can learn to

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