Get On Track, Stay On Track

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About Course

‘Get on Track, Stay on Track’ is a ten-week course based on our work in the Alchemy Hypnotherapy clinic and is informed by our work at Alchemy Hypnotherapy, The Penarth Practice and our advanced medical training from CPHT, the world-renowned centre of excellence for Solution Focused Hypnotherapy training.


This 10-week interactive course offers knowledge, guidance and exercises to help you ‘get on track’ if you feel you have lost your way in life whether that is emotionally, physically or other lifestyle reasons.

Whatever block is hindering you from moving forward positively, this course helps you find your own solutions to cope better and enjoy a better life.

Get On Track, Stay On Track is a set of accumulative steps towards a preferred future.

The FREE Alchemy Neurofit MP3 (RRP £19.99) will bridge your weekly sessions and there will be practical tasks to work on and achieve.

If you want to change, this course will help you to change. If you’re prepared to let go of your present state, this course will help you achieve that.

It gives you all the tools you need to ‘stay on track’!

Are you ready to do the work necessary to design a new you? This course will provide the platform for you to rehearse. 

We facilitate, you create.

This is a picture of the course presenters Gareth Strangemore-Jones & Enfys Jones (Alchemy Hypnotherapy).PRESENTERS: GARETH STRANGEMORE-JONES & ENFYS JONES

COST: £199*

* With FREE Alchemy Neurofit MP3 (RRP £19.99)


Topics for this course

11 Lessons

Write Your Own Prescription

Let’s understand how the brain works
Write your own prescription
Mastering your ‘Power of 7’
Scaling your full potential

What’s been good?

Reclaim Your Mind’s Healthy Hierarchy

Learn to Shorten Your Refractory Time

Utilise Your Past

Reframe Your Future

Address The Balance in Your Life

Stepping Outside Your Perceived Comfort Zones

Practise Your New Habits

Spiral Into Control

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