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Welcome to Alchemy Hypnotherapy!

Alchemy Hypnotherapy is here to help you to resolve mental health issues, overcome life challenges and acheive your life goals via our clinic in Penarth, online via Skype or through one of our courses.  

We support you to succeed.  Above all, we want you to thrive!

All Hypnosis is Self Hypnosis.  For instance, we can teach you how to harness the innate skill of Trance as a safe, virtual mental rehearsal space for you to create, visualise and practise your desired outcomes. 

In addition, you will learn how to produce your own flow of Nature’s Happy Reward Brain Chemicals, effectively writing your own prescription.

We help you to understand how your mind works, putting you directly in charge of your health and wellbeing.

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Whether you are looking for the best Solution Focused Hypnotherapy in Penarth and South Wales or if you would prefer to try Online Hypnotherapy, we offer a free no-obligation telephone consultation


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Natural Brain Chemistry Creating Positive Change!

Ways to Be Your Own Alchemist



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Alchemy Hypnotherapy evolved from The Penarth Practice.

This is the Home of

Advanced Medical Hypnotherapy


Clinical Solution Focused Psychotherapy.

Learn to Be Your Own Alchemist!

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Whatever is going on that brought you to our website:

You are not alone!

“One in four people has a mental disorder at some point in their life.” (MIND)

You’ve come to the right place!  

Medical Hypnotherapy is the single most powerful psychotherapeutic tool for stressanxietydepression and a wide range of mental health issues and life challenges.

“Research shows that there is more scientific evidence for Hypnotherapy than any other Complementary Therapy…By using hypnosis, people can perform prodigious feats of will-power and self-healing!” (The Health Education Authority, now part of NHS NICE)

Alchemy Hypnotherapy is owned and run by Gareth Strangemore-Jones & Enfys Jones.

This is a photograph of Gareth and Enfys, Consultant Medical Hypnotherapists & Clinical Psychotherapists at Alchemy Hypnotherapy.

We harness the best aspects of Advanced Medical & Clinical Hypnotherapy, Clinical Psychotherapy, Mindfulness, CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy), NLP (Neurolinguistic Programming), SFBT (Solution Focused Brief Therapy) and the very latest Neuroscience techniques, all backed by more than 25 years of healing and teaching experience.

We are both highly qualified, accredited members of The NCH (National Council for Hypnotherapy) and the AfSFH (Association for Solution Focused Hypnotherapists).

We are also CRB-DBS checked to work with children and vulnerable adults.

“The Penarth Practice / Alchemy Hypnotherapy is among the world’s top performers and is in the top bracket globally!” (The Penarth Times)

“Trailblazing CORP Pioneers!” (Hypnotherapy Today)

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